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Art Chatlandia


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мау   (

Fortune plays the human darts
Making entities & parts
Making entities & parts
Making entities & parts

Fuck my mom & fuck my dad
Breathing garlic into me
As he strangled me to be
His well spanked beloved pet

I´ve succumbed to loyalty
To the sense that I am weaker
Though I know that I am stronger
And I can´t be fucked no longer
I forgot my dignity

Then you ask me why I drink
I am drinking cause i´m tired
I am fucked and undesired
With these wolves I longed to be

They ain´t got no reason why
Send me well up to the sky
But if they want me this to do
Need forgiveness right from you
Sorry saying, baby, true
Need forgiveness right from you
Need forgiveness righ from you
You´ll excuse me, I love you.

12-02-2002 01:42

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