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Lord Clonedumbton

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My Dear Lord Clonedumbton,

Since the Idea of Cloning is being all the more pronounced, I should like to propose to the Government to cut the Budget accordingly on subsidising the Production of Mirrors, Books, Arts, photographic, cinematographic or any other such diabolical Devices and fiendish Mechanisms which not so much assist us in reflecting & replicating the Aspect of our fellow Creatures, as (which is by far the worst!) are involved in the macabre Business of showing us that we are all D..fferent!

For it is, I firmly believe, primarily incriminated by CSG (Church of Science & God) to these damnable Arts and Businesses, that they not only reflect «our Lives» but disgustingly disclose to us in the most blasphemous Way the « Lives of oth..r People». Whereas, as you may well know, in the future World of Tomorrow there will be no «oth..r People» (Oh My, what a ghastly impish word!) and all our fellow Creatures will be moulded from the same Loam and in the same Way accordingly, and, being thus absolute and divine Lookalikes and Replicants in their Lives, Habits, Income, Aspect and Attire they will become, to their credit be it spoken, consummate Reflections of one another demanding no additional superfluous & ungodly Mechanisms to contemplate their dear Adamic features.

The parasitical «Oth..r» will be utterly effaced from our Memories, Reveries, Hearts and Minds. Blasphemous phrases of the like «he is d..fferent» will be utterly removed from our dearest Language like lice is removed from human Body.

To accomplish this Task, sanctions must be passed immediately on the Highest Level to ban any Business or Art involved in reflecting of human Creatures & Activities of any sort and also in showing the ghastly «Oth..r» side. A firm Veto is to be devolved upon Art galleries, allowing only one Portrait of a future typical Adam. Books are also to carry only one Character – the same future Adam – and those, adorned by «d..fferent» characters (another appaling Word!) are to be burned in public places to the jocund Exctasy of the Populace. Sacriligeous celluloid Assays with the same «d..fferent» (this fiendish Word makes me sick!) Characters are to face the same gloomy Fate & Agonies of ghoulish Inquisition.

Now, my Dear Lord Clonedumbton, imagine a future Gentleman, who, having risen from his bed in the morning and engaging himself in the melancholy Duty of putting on his suave Attire, will require not a Mirror demon but simply his replicant Party to examine his Elegance being helped with hands to a scrupulous Perfection. To always keep this replicant Party handy I propose to build barracks of a castle type and enjoy the community of lookalike Adams and Eves.

To make though this Contemplation of another replicant Party a pleasurable unertaking the Blueprint of a future Adam must be deviced in great Accordance and with great Artistry! Warts and any natural Defects are to be removed, Features sharply outlined, Manners delicately tailored, attire luxuriantly & delicately chosen. I, on my own part, can go only as far as modestly proffer white Wigs for future Clones. A little Contribution, yet exceedingly pleasurable.

This Task of Creation of a future Adam must needs to be performed with a laudable Skill and Adroitness by a Genius of the Stature no less than that of…Oh, I beg your Pardon and am always,

Your H & O servant

Lord Clonedumbton,

Clonedumbton Estate, 21 January, 2…. huh…

P.S. It is my greatest Privilege to acknowledge that mine is the exact Replicant of the letter Your Lordship had written to me so very many years ago which is only to indicate that we are Safe & Sound and the Opus Magnum, the grand Experiment of Cloning had succeeded and…by & by may I ask Your Lordship what Time is it now, for my Clock had stopped I don’t remember when and how.

22-01-2002 01:03

* * *

а нах выебываться-то?

не понял я че-то))

22-01-2002 11:43

* * *

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