Art Chatlandia
Art Chatlandia


Automatic letter


Seals & birds in oil, dying
Whales & dolphins wounded, crying
A cattle mutilated alive. We call it, euphemistically, LIFE.
I see nature as a doggerel w/ sad eyes
Baying the moon to no one´s surprise
What awaits us? Cloned cruelty?
We´re shedding our last thin skins
Babbysitting our last thin dreams
In this chilly night of reality
Balding jungles, smuggled truth
Idealistic guerilla troops
Keep on fighting to no awail
One day they got this mail
Bearing fingerprints of God
Saying simply "Ich bin tot"
So, what awaits us, in point of fact?
The silence
of a Biological
One day, in the subway.
When no one
will say:

24-01-2002 03:06

* * *

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